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Utahns have an opportunity to help protect our Medicaid program. Complete our brief survey to let your voice be heard!


graphic titled "Utah's SB96 is a broken bridge to Medicaid expansion" with a sturdy bridge and a broken bridge, the sturdy bridge is labeled "proposition 3" and the broken bridge is labeled "SB 96" with 4 missing planks labeled: work reporting requirements, enrollment caps, per capita caps, and 100-138% affordability gap and open enrollment lockout
The partial Medicaid expansion passed by the legislature in 2019 fails to fully bridge the coverage gap, and leaves several holes that put Utahns at risk (digital art created by:

Learn more about Utah’s proposed Medicaid caps in this new report from UHPP


picture of Courtney and Stacy from UHPP at a park in front of a bridge, holding a poster featuring a sturdy bridge and a broken bridge
photo courtesy of Deseret News


graphic titled "Utahns struggle to afford high healthcare costs" with three facts: 60% experienced healthcare burdens, 4 in 5 worried about affording healthcare in the future, 9 in 10 support a broad array of solutions across party lines
UHPP joined with the Health Care Value Hub to release Utah-specific reports on health care affordability: View the reports here



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