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About UHPP

UHPP is a nonpartisan, 501-C-3 nonprofit organization whose vision is for a health care system that provides medically necessary care to all Utah residents in a timely, efficient, and culturally effective manner with sustainable financing.

Our Starting Point...

  • Over 442,000 Utahns live without health insurance of any kind. A similar number are underinsured. Our businesses are burdened by health care costs, and our families are frequently financially devastated by illness and injury.
  • Americans pay more for health care by a wide margin than do the residents of any other industrialized country; and yet only Americans are at risk for illness and death due to lack of health coverage. 
  • Sixty percent of the $2 trillion Americans will spend on health care this year will come from state and federal taxes, making the American taxpayer the world's most generous in paying for health care programs.
  • These facts combine to make health care policy the most difficult and perplexing domestic issue of our state and nation. Optimal change in Utah's health care system will occur only if the public is informed about basic health policy and economics.

Our Mission create quality, affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for all people in Utah through research, policy innovation, and civic participation activities.
Our Objectives

  • Develop and implement visionary and systemic solutions to Utah's health care crisis; incrementally expand access to affordable health coverage;
  • Build the momentum and support for comprehensive health system reforms designed around the Health Insurance Exchange.
  • Ensure sustainable and cost effective financing of state and Federal resources in Medicaid, CHIP, and other cost-effective health programs like Federally Qualified Health Centers and low-income clinics; work with the Medicaid provider and advocacy community to ensure timely access to quality health care services.
  • Develop the statewide infrastructure and capacity to improve overall quality of care and reduce health disparities.

Our Initiatives

These four initiatives provide research and timely critical analysis of policies, explore solutions that make coverage affordable and monitor our advocacy efforts to make sure that recommendations are consistent with the best medical practices.

Reform Initiatives

Medicaid/CHIP Policy Clinic

Quality/Equality Watch

Utah Business Group on Health