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Medicaid Expansion Tooklit: NEW FOR 2013

When the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act in June of 2012, it made the Medicaid expansion optional to the states Here’s the crux: If Utah joins with its neighboring states and Republican-led states, and opts into the expansion, those with the greatest need for health care will get it. If Utah rejects the expansion, we will have significant gap in coverage.

As Utah leaders weigh their options in 2013, you can play a role in convincing them that Medicaid Expansion is the right choice for Utah.

Here are some tools to help you become an effective advocate:


Real Exchange Utah (RxUtah)

Meetings (Wednesdays, 1pm, Olmsted Room, Utah State Capitol (map):

Copy of the (draft) ACA exchange insurance application (pdf)

February 2013
2/6/13 - Agenda | Minutes
2/13/13 - Agenda | Minutes
2/20/13 - Agenda | Minutes
2/27/13 - Agenda | Minutes

March 2013
3/6/13 - Agenda | Minutes
3/13/13 - Agenda | Minutes

May 2013
5/16/13 - Agenda | Minutes

June 2013
6/20/13 - Agenda | Minutes

ACA Briefing Documents
The Affordable Care Act in 2013: The Road Ahead for Utah (1/16/13)
Good Governance for Utah's Health Exchange (1/16/13)

ACA Presentations
ACA Marketplace Application (PDF) – May 2013
West Jordan Library Presentation (PDF) - 5/22/13
Utah Librarian Association (ULA) PPT – 2013 Annual Conference (5/2/13)
ULA ACA Presentation PDF (1 slide per page)

ULA ACA Presentation PDF (2 slides per page)

Pete Suazo Business Center (Spanish) (4/9/13)

Pete Suazo Business Center (English) (4/9/13)




Contacting Your Legislator

Our hope is that your participation in the advocacy process will be ongoing - writing to elected officials, telling your story to decision makers, talking to the media, attending community hearings and forums - it is easier than it sounds! Advocacy - especially during this tranformative period in history can be very rewarding and will help us work to make a lasting impression for proper implementation of reform in Utah.