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CORE VALUES of the Utah Health Policy Project

Equity: Health care should be a right because every person has value.

Collaboration and Inclusiveness: We value collaboration, inclusive dialogue, and community building, and this is reflected at every level of our work. 

Consumer Voice: We bring the consumer voice into the process of improving the health care system.

Education and communication: We believe that everyone can and should understand their rights, options, and personal responsibilities in the health care system.

Diversity and Mutual Respect: We value acceptance of and respect for all individuals, communities, and points of view.

Quality of Work Life: We value a work environment that is enjoyable, respectful, safe, inclusive (in terms of race/ethnicity, national origin, age, ability, religion, language, gender and sexual orientation, and other characteristics), work-life balanced, and supportive for all staff and volunteers.

Truth and transparency: We strive to facilitate access to accurate and balanced information about the health care system.  Transparency starts at home, in our own work.