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September 2014

Take Care Utah Awarded $485,198 Federal Grant

August 2014

Utah Filmmaker Paul Gibbs Receives $3,500 Grant to Highlight Coverage Gap

May 2014

Utah Report: Working Individuals in Key Economic Sectors Would Be the Largest Group to Gain Access to Health Insurance

March 2014

The End is Near for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

39,902 Utahns Signed Up for Insurance on

Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to Speak about Health Coverage

February 2014

Governor Announces His Plan to Close Utah's Coverage Gap

Senate Bill Closing Utah’s Coverage Gap Passes Committee, 3-1

Legislators Face a Clear Choice to Close Utah’s Coverage Gap

August 2013

UHPP, AUCH and United Way 2-1-1 Receive $406,788 from HHS

May 2013

Initial Response to Public Consulting Group’s Study on the Medicaid Expansion(5/23/2013

Utah Small Businesses Left Out of Latest Exchange Decision (5/10/2013

February 2013

Medicaid Expansion Will Cost Much Less than Projected (3/1/2013)

Utah's Economy Will Benefit from Medicaid Expansion (2/13/2013)

January 2013

UHPP Reaction to HHS Conditional Approval of Utah's State-Run Exchange (1/3/2013)

December 2012

Better Care Conference & Summit (12/14/12)

PDFs of PowerPoint Presentations (click to view/download)

Better Care: Maximizing Opportunity in the ACA and Beyond (Renee Markus Hodin)
Better Care at Lower Cost for Medicaid: What Will It Take? (Brent James, MD)
Transforming Health Care In Oregon (David Labby, MD PhD)
The Camden Model An Integrated Community-led Safety-net Accountable Care Organization (Joseph Fleming)
Patient Incentives in Medicaid (Lydia Mitts)

November 2012

UHPP Statement on Elections Results 2012: What It Means for Health Reform (11/7/2012)

September 2012

Statement on Utah’s Pathway to Accountable Care (Patient-Centered Medicaid Reforms) (9/28/2012)

Consumers for Medicaid Expansion Find Their Voice at Governor's Health Reform Summit (9/25/2012)

Census Estimates Show Utah Moving in Wrong Direction on Uninsured, a Reminder of Need for Reforms with Strong Affordability Measures (9/12/2012)

June 2012

Affordable Care Act Upheld, though Medicaid Expansion on Possibly Shaky Ground (6/28/2012)

May 2012

In Firing Fletcher, Hiring Walsh-McDonald, Gov. Herbert may have Found his Footing on Path to Recovery from Data Breach (5/15/12)

March 2012

Comments on Supreme Court Oral Arguments Day 2: What's at Stake for Utah in Day 3, Besides the Reputation of Broccoli? (3/28/12)

February 2012

Revenue Projections Should Give Jump Start to Medicaid Reform & Wellness Incentives (2/21/12)

December 2011

News Release & Analysis of Governor's Budget Recommendations (12/12/11)

Media Advisory on the Governor's budget release (12/7/11)

November 2011

UHPP & Utah Leaders, Small Business Owners Weigh in with Feds on Proposed Regulations for Health Insurance Exchanges (11/1/11)

October 2011

Statement on Utah Medicaid's New Electronic Health Record Incentive Program: What's at Stake for Medicaid Consumers and Health Care System Stakeholders (10/3/11)

September 2011

Number of Uninsured Continue to Rise, US Census Bureau Shows (9/16/11)

Statement on Republican Governors Public Policy Committee Report, A New Medicaid

June 2011

Proposed Medicaid Cuts Would Cost Jobs, Harm Utah's Economy (6/29/11)

Initial Impressions of State Medicaid Reform Waiver Proposal: Red Flags (6/1/11)

May 2011

Exchange at the Crossroads: An Updated Policy Brief from UHPP (5/11/11)

March 2011

Utah Small Business Leaders Discuss Impact of Healthcare Law 1 Year On (3/22/11)

February 2011

A Closer Look at the Florida Court Ruling and Utah's Response: NO EXCUSE FOR RASKDECISIONS (2/2/11)

Judi Hilman Receives the Families USA Consumer Health Advocate of the Year Award! (2/2/11)

UHPP News Release: Florida Court Ruling on Affordable Care Act Would Deny Health Security to Millions of Americans, Including Many Utahns (2/1/11)

January 2011

UHPP News Release: Brief Statement on Dr. David Sundwalls Resignation from Helm of Utah Department of Health (1/4/11)

Department of Health News Release: Dr. David Sundwall Announces Resignation from UDOH (1/4/11)

December 2010

UHPP News Release: UHPP Statement on Findings of Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in Utah Medicaid (12/14/10)

UHPP News Release: UHPP Statement on Governor Herbert's Budget Recommendations (12/10/10)

September 2010

UHPP News Release: Statement Regarding New Census Estimates of Uninsured in Utah (9/16/10)

UHPP News Release: Re-Launch of Utah Health Exchange & Launch of 'Exchange Learning Network' (9/1/10)

July 2010

UHPP News Release: Utah will run temporary federal high risk pool, but not until August 1 (7/1/10)

June 2010

UHPP News Release: Kudos to Governor Herbert for Deciding to Run New High Risk Pool for Uninsurable Utahns (6/24/10)

May 2010

UHPP News Release: Families USA's Report on Utahns with Pre-Existing Conditions: Comment and Stories from the Utah Health Policy Project (5/27/10)

March 2010

UHPP News Release: Utah Health Care Providers Support Federal Health Reform

February 2010

UHPP News Release: Federal Bipartisan Healthcare Summit (2/25/10)

UHPP News Release: HHS Appropriations Votes to Eliminate Medical Coverage for Seriously Injured Children & Pregnant Women (2/12/10)

UHPP News Release: State Health Reform Moves Forward w/Room for Improvement: HB294 (2/5/2010)

January 2010

UHPP News Release: National Health Reforms Likely to be Held Constitutional (1/8/2010)

December 2009

UHPP News Release: Governor's Budget: a Great Start for Health Needs of Low-Income Utahns (12/11/2009)

November 2009

UHPP News Release: UHPP Storybank to Provide Reality Check at November 4th Utah Health Forum (11/1/09)

October 2009

UHPP News Release: Rising Unemployment Causes 40,200 Utahns to Lose Health Coverage in 2009 (10/20/09)

September 2009

UHPP News Release: Utah Medicaid Partnership & Medicaid Beneficiaries to Present Report on the State of Utah Medicaid (9/28/09)
UHPP News Release: Statement Regarding New Census Estimates of Uninsured in Utah (9/10/09)
UHPP News Release: Congressional Send Off: Let's Get It Done (9/8/09)

August 2009

UHPP News Release: Utah Health Exchange Underscores Need for National Reform (8/19/09)

July 2009

UHPP News Release: Senator Hatch Quits Bipartisan Health Reform Talks, Giving Utah one less voice (7/23/09)

UHPP News Release: Utah Small Business Health Care Survey Released (7/8/09)

UHPP News Release: New Scientific Study Finds that Utah Small Businesses Support Health Reform, Remain Concerned About Rising Costs (7/6/09)

June 2009

UHPP News Release: Regional Town Hall Meetings Reflect Utah Public’s Readiness for Comprehensive National Health Reform THIS YEAR (6/23/09)

UHPP News Release: Sen. Ted Kennedy and Senate H.E.L.P. Committee Release Health Reform Bill, "Affordable Health Choices Act" (6/10/09)

May 2009
UHPP News Release: Response to Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's New Report: Cost of Failure (5/21/09)

April 2009
UHPP News Release: 1 in 4 Utah Families Will Spend Over 10 Percent of Pre-Tax Income on Health Care Costs in 2009 (4/29/09)
UHPP News Release: Response to Utah Speaker of House David Clark's and Dr. Brent James' Testomony to Congress (4/28/09)

February 2009
UHPP News Release: Medicaid Economic Recovery Money Could Support 3000 Utah Jobs (2/26/09)
UHPP News Release: Response to Revenue Projections and Release of Medicaid Navigator, Tool for Maximizing Economic Stimulus Monies (2/17/09)
UHPP News Release: Thousands of Utah Workers Who Lost Their Jobs Find Themselves Uninsured (2/6/09)

January 2009
UHPP News Release: Utah Medicaid Partnership with Beneficiaries & ER Physician to Present Principles for Handling Medicaid thru Recession (1/20/09)

December 2008
UHPP News Release: Gov. Huntsman budget gets high marks from health care advocates (12/4/08)

November 2008
UHPP News Release: New Report Finds 107,000 Uninsured Utah Children, 10th Worst in Nation (11/19/08)

September 2008
UHPP News Release: Hold Medicaid Harmless (9/19/08)

July 2008
UHPP News Release: CHIP/UPP Changes Could Hurt Kids (7/23/08)

April 2008
UHPP News Release: Bush Administration Medicaid Cuts (4/28/08)

March 2008
UHPP News Release: PCN Public Hearing (3/31/08)
UHPP News Release: Health Reform Bill Signing (3/19/08)

February 2008
UHPP News Release: HB133 Passes the House (2/8/08)

October 2007
UHPP News Release: Utah Grandmas Demand Congress Override Bush's CHIP Veto (10/3/07)

September 2007
UHPP News Release: Emerging Agreement to Expand Children's Health Care a Major Step Forward (9/21/07)
UHPP News Release: New Report finds that 1 Out of 3 (822,000) Non-Elderly Utahns Were Uninsured During 2006-2007 (9/20/07)
UHPP News Release: Congress Poised to Help Provide Health Coverage to Additional Uninsured Children in Utah (9/12/07)

August 2007
UHPP News Release: New Census Data Show Increase in Utah's Uninsured, Raising Stakes for Utah's Health System Reform (8/28/07)