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Medicaid and CHIP Policy Clinic

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UHPP Tools
Utah’s Medicaid Accountable Care Transformation: Where Do We Go from Here? (February, 4, 2013)

The ACA Medicaid Expansion: Considerations for Utah (September 4, 2012)

Flyer recruiting stories of Utahns impacted by Medicaid Expansion

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Department of Health Tools
Eligible populations and cost estimates (presented at July 13, 2012 UHPP Monthly Meeting): materials here.

Research & Tools from National Partners

Medicaid Expansion Eligibility and Cost Estimates by State (source: Kaiser Commission on Medicaid & the Uninsured and Urban Institute)

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Center on Budget & Policy Priorities

Tools for Helping Individuals Handle the Medicaid Breach

How to File a Claim for Damages Resulting from the Data Breach

Community Sign On Letter Containing Recommendations for Addressing Medicaid Security Breach and Partnering with Community Based Organizations to Repair the Damages

Department of Health's Personal Health Information Data Breach Presentation

Department of Health's Breach Update

Department of Health's Official Letter to Possible Breach Victims

Sample Letter (6th Grade Level) to Consumers Regarding Breach (sample only, NOT FOR USE)

Medicaid and CHIP: How low-income Utahns get their health care coverage.

Federal reform uses different mechanisms to ensure all Americans have access to healthcare coverage.  For low-income Americans, the reforms will turn to Medicaid to provide coverage.  Between now and January 2014, Utah’s Medicaid program will expand from serving mainly children and people with disabilities, to a program that serves all Utahns in households earning less than 138% of poverty ($29,330 for a family of four).

In anticipation of this dramatic expansion, the Utah Legislature passed Senate Bill 180 Medicaid Reform in the 2011 session.  This new law will fundamentally reform the way Medicaid services are paid for and delivered in Utah. For more on Utah's Medicaid Reform efforts, including the state’s controversial waiver proposal and accountable care initiative, visit our Medicaid Reform page

As Utah Medicaid enters this period of transition, the UHPP is committed to working with policymakers, providers, and the community to maximize the opportunities within and beyond health care reform to strengthen the Medicaid program so that it can provide high quality care for current and future beneficiaries.

So what does a stronger Medicaid program look like? 

  • Recipients have timely access to all needed care, and…
  • that care is of high quality;
  • From the eligibility process to care delivery, the program is run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible;
  • Medicaid has sustainable and ongoing sources of funding;
  • Services are provided in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

To those ends, in 2011 UHPP is working on the following initiatives: 

  • Allocate a reasonable portion of the revenue surplus to Medicaid, STARTING WITH THE GOVERNOR'S BUDGET RECOMMENDATIONS. Given the $288 million in general fund surplus, THIS IS THE YEAR to catch up on caseload growth and the Governor's budget reflects this. It does not include a restoration of dental benefits for adults--see our 12/12/11 news release for details.
  • Making the most of SB180 and the state’s transition to accountable care
    -Strengthening the state’s Medicaid 1115 waiver proposal (policymakers’ first step along the path to accountable care)
    -Learning from Utah’s and other communities’ experience with medical homes and payment/delivery system reform efforts
  • Implementing and strengthening proven, consumer friendly cost containment initiatives such as fraud prevention, payment reform, patient-centered medical homes, the preferred drug list and pharmaceutical purchasing strategies;
  • Remove barriers to enrollment by eliminating the Medicaid asset test and removing the 5-year waiting period for legal permanent resident children and pregnant women.
  • Ensuring Medicaid provides coverage for all medically necessary services including dental, eyeglasses, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and audiology. 
  • Work to defeat bad ideas for Medicaid, for example Rep. Ronda Menlove's proposal to require community service in exchange for Medicaid or PCN benefits (see our recent statement).

To give consumers a voice in the reform process, UHPP hosts the Utah Medicaid Partnership (UMP) and the Monthly Meeting.  UMP and Monthly Meeting provide a forum for concerned Utahns to strategize about how to best implement changes to Medicaid and discuss those ideas with decision makers in state government.

• Monthly Meeting: Agendas, minutes, and related meeting materials

• Utah Medicaid Partnership: Agendas, minutes and related meeting materials

Demographic Analysis-Media (pdf)

Demographic Analysis (pdf)

For a list of Fact Sheets and Papers on Medicaid & CHIP click here.