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Quality and Health Equality Initiatives

One way to measure the success of health system reforms is by the extent to which they improve health for all populations and reduce barriers to care based on ethnicity, socio-economic status, or geographic location. To this end, UHPP will focus on:

-The FINAL draft of Strengthening Consumer Health Assistance and Insurance Navigation in Utah: Final Report & Recommendations for the CHAIN (December 14, 2010)

-PowerPoint presentation summarizing our 2010 assessment and recommendations for the Utah CHAIN. (View presentation)

-PowerPoint presentation of findings from the statewide survey of community-based organizations and their capacity and interest in strengthening consumer health assistance. (View presentation)

•  Ensuring that health equity provisions are built into health system reforms. 

•  Providing research support, policy expertise, and advocacy training to the Multicultural Health Network, a Comunidades Unidas-hosted public-private sector partnership dedicated to eliminating health disparities and improving health outcomes for Utah's ethnic minority communities. For more information: Options for Joining the Utah Multicultural Health Network.

•  Maximizing the role of CHIP and Medicaid in reducing health disparities.

•  Ensuring that the quality, cost, and access provisions of the health system reforms are rigorously applied to Medicaid and CHIP.

•  Ensuring that consumers' interests are well represented in statewide quality improvement and transparency efforts like the state's Chartered Value Exchange and electronic medical records.

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For a list of Fact Sheets and Papers on Quality Watch & Health Equity click here.