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Discrimination makes accessing health care difficult for Utah families.

Laura has lived for years with a chronic condition that requires treatment every few months.  She had insurance coverage through her previous employer, but found her coverage options were extremely limited when she left to start her own financial planning company.  The solution was piecemeal coverage: she was finally able to gain coverage through the Utah High Risk Insurance Plan (HIP) at a very high cost, her husband had catastrophic coverage as a student in medical school, and her son was able to get an individual child-only plan through private insurance. 

Last year Laura gave birth to her second child, a completely healthy little boy.  She was shocked to discover that no insurer would cover him because Utah insurers stopped offering child-only plans when they could no longer deny coverage for children with pre-existing conditions (even though he didn’t have any).  She was relieved when she found out her son qualifies for CHIP— he will have the care needed as he develops.  Although grateful for her family’s coverage, having piecemeal coverage is not ideal and she looks forward to the day the family can be covered on one plan.

Banning discrimination for health status and age in the insurance market
is good for Utah families.