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Provisions in the federal health reform law bring peace of mind to newlywed couple working towards their education…

A.C. is a 22 year old nursing student who is relieved that she and her husband are able to get coverage from their parents insurance while they complete their education.

A.C. and C.C. are both students who are working toward
their respective careers.  A.C. is a nursing student while
her husband- C.C. is working towards a degree in elementary education.  A.C. and C.C married in 2009 were covered under his insurance until June 2010 when he lost his job.  C.C. has since found employment, but his employer does not offer insurance.  Since losing their insurance, they’ve been nervous about what could happen to their health and wellness.  At one point A.C. became ill and was told by colleagues in her nursing program that she needed antibiotics.  She was not able to afford a doctor let
alone a prescription.  She had recently spent several hundred dollars for an annual checkup and the immunizations needed for admittance to school.  
Also while the couple was uninsured C.C. sustained a hand injury, for which the diagnosis and treatment was outside of their budget.  They had to ask their family for financial assistance.

In the fall of 2010 A.C. and her parents learned about a provision in the ACA that would allow her to be covered on her parents insurance.  They confirmed this with the insurance provider and were relieved that A.C. would be covered again starting January 2011.  C.C. was also able to be reinstated on his parents insurance allowing everyone peace of mind as A.C. and C.C. complete their education.

Do not repeal the ACA and lose important consumer protections.  Contact your legislators and urge them to vote NO on the repeal.

  • Senator Orrin Hatch
  • Senator Mike Lee
  • Representative Jim Matheson
  • Representative Rob Bishop
  • Representative Jason Chaffetz


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