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Medicaid Recepients

“This program saved my life. Were it not for the Medicaid BCCTP, I probably would not have gone in for a screening in the first place."
Brenda just started her nursing career when she noticed a lump in her breast...

Brenda was not yet eligible for insurance through her work, and didn’t know what to do when she found the lump in her breast.  Fortunately, from her nursing experience, she knew about screening options through Utah Department of Health and got an appointment for a mammogram. The clinician felt the same lump and sent her for a diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy that same day.

The doctors agreed things did not look good, and encouraged Brenda to make a surgical appointment right away.  When she was contacted a few days later with positive test results, she was devastated.  The doctor asked about her insurance and it hit her…how was she going to pay for treatment without insurance?  She called the Department of Health and through the same staff that helped with her screening, she learned she was eligible for full Medicaid benefits with the Medicaid Breast and
Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Program.   Knowing she didn't have to worry about the financial aspect of her treatment was a huge relief for Brenda.  “It was good to know that my cancer was not going to ruin me financially. Thanks to Medicaid, I could focus right away on my treatment and healing.” 
Brenda has since learned that her mastectomy, chemotherapy and other treatments would have cost her over $50,000!  “This is not the kind of money we have in my family, especially after being laid off from my nursing job!  Were it not for Medicaid, I would have simply gone without treatment.”

“This program saved my life,” says Brenda.  “Were it not for the Medicaid BCCTP, I probably would not have gone in for a screening in the first place.  The program gave me peace of mind to get through my treatment and healing."   

Policy Solution:

Leave eligibility rates as they are for the Utah Medicaid Breast and Cervical Program.  When looking at cuts to Utah’s state budget, leave programs that provide direct services for Utahns intact and accessible for individuals who need them most.