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The Affordable Care Act is helping young adults in Utah pursue their dreams

Growing up in Utah has been wonderful.  My parents are originally from Taiwan and immigrated to Utah to attend the University of Utah.  They’ve made sure we had the benefits of health insurance since day one, giving us the sense of security that if something happened we would be okay. 

It is now my turn to be studying at the University of Utah, pursuing my dream to become a doctor.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I can stay on my family’s insurance until I am 26 and not worry about any unexpected medical expenses while I am in school.  As a college student by budget is very tight—tuition, books, and food add up very fast.  If I had to cover an unexpected medical condition, I don’t know what would happen.  I would be afraid I wouldn’t be able to pay for school. I’d have to delay my education and work full time to pay my medical bills.  Even worse, I may have to give up my dream of being a doctor.

Having health insurance through my parents ensures I’ll stay in school and pursue my dream.

Policy Solution

Regulations allowing young adults stay on their parents insurance
until the age of 26 are good for Utah.