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Small Business Owners

"We plan on offering insurance as long as we can afford it."
Employer realizes the impact of good healthcare on employees.

Debbie Dunham took over her father's business, Jacketta Sweeping in 2000 after his death. That’s when her passion to provide health care benefits became personal, knowing that lack of healthcare played a part in his early demise.  She is proud to offer healthcare benefits for her employees and realizes the impact good healthcare plays in hiring and retaining excellent staff.  Debbie has worked hard to transform Jacketta Sweeping into a prosperous small business and maintains that hard working employees and honest business practices have helped develop and sustain trusting business relationships in her community.

The recent economic downturn is taking its toll on small businesses, and Jacketta Sweeping is no exception. It is becoming more and more difficult for Debbie to find affordable healthcare coverage for her employees. “A couple years ago we were able to cover 100% of the health insurance costs, but we have had to add cost sharing to employees, and now we only cover 50% of the cost.”  Debbie will continue to provide healthcare coverage for her employees for as long as she can, but is unsure she will be able maintain the quality plan she currently offers.

Debbie is happy about the help that the Affordable Care Act will provide for Jacketta Sweeping.  The tax credit ensures her employees a quality health insurance plan for another year.  Beyond the tax credit, however, Debbie is eager for small businesses to be able to pool insurance risk and purchasing power and hopes Utah will take that step soon.


The ACA provides much needed relief to Utah small businesses providing health care coverage to employees.