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Small Businesses

"We decided to provide insurance thanks to the small business premium tax credit."
The ACA Provides Relief to Small Businesses

Bob Cole works for Progressive Remodelers Inc., a local small business that provides home remodeling services.  Progressive Remodelers Inc. wants to provide employment that ensures their employees can take of themselves and their families, and still make a decent living.  This is why Progressive chose to cover 100% percent of their employee’s health care coverage.  However, with the recent economic downturn, they've had to look seriously at whether or not they can continue to provide insurance benefits.  Bob stated that in the last seven years the premium costs have risen over 300%, including an additional 30% increase in the
last two years.  Because many of their competitors do not provide insurance for their employees, Progressive Remodelers' bids can be higher, making it difficult to get work.  They have enjoyed the positive benefit of providing insurance coverage to their employees; they've been able to retain high quality employees and have low turnover. 

When Bob learned about the tax credits provided by the ACA, he was relieved and stated that it will help ensure that Progressive Remodelers will be able to continue to offer these important benefits to their employees for the future years.  “We have really been questioning whether we can continue to provide health coverage for our employees, and have had to look seriously at whether or not we can continue to provide insurance benefits.  We have decided to continue to offer insurance this year largely in part to the small business premium tax credit we will receive thanks to the Affordable Care Act.” 

Policy Solution:

Utah legislators need to take the steps necessary for implementation of the law of the land- the Affordable Care Act.  Contact your state and federal lawmakers and let them know today!


  • Senator Orrin Hatch   
  • Senator Mike Lee                                         
  • Representative Jim Matheson
  • Representative Rob Bishop
  • Representative Jason Chaffetz


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