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"All children should have access to health insurance and health care."
The Importance of CHIP Building Blocks

Stacie Nelson is mother to two boys, ages 12 and 14, and works as a pediatric medical assistant.  For several years, her kids have been covered under Utah's CHIP program.  Stacie shares that her kids are healthy, and don’t have to use the insurance often.  Her sons have used CHIP for regular well-child checkups, visions exams, immunizations, and the occasional stitches. 

Stacie said that without CHIP, her kids would not have insurance.  She shared, “It would be a big stress to not have insurance for my kids.  I would be consistently worried about something catastrophic, a serious illness, or broken bones.”  Stacie also said that her son would not be able to play on his soccer team as proof of insurance was required before being able to sign up. 

Working in pediatrics Stacie sees quite a few families without insurance.  She states that kids and families without insurance don’t come to see the doctor as often as they should, and get behind on vaccinations.  “As a mother and a provider I think that all kids should have coverage.  CHIP helps us keep kids healthy, helps families avoid huge financial burdens, and from filing medical bankruptcy.”

Policy Solution:

Fund CHIP Building Blocks.  From the standpoint of Utah’s children, state health reforms can be called a success.  Early in Utah’s reform process, lawmaker's made the wise decision to keep CHIP open for children.  As a result, the state has seen a 33% decline in uninsured kids since 2006.  Funding CHIP building blocks will keep state health reform on the path of success.