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CHIP provides families with peace of mind.

Rachelle and Jay Wall live in Utah with their two young boys.  Rachelle is a stay at home mother and Jay works full time.  Jay is self employed, which is a barrier to obtaining health insurance for their family.  The insurance plan options for a family of four are unaffordable.  They were relieved when they discovered CHIP would cover their boys.

One child, Cooper, was diagnosed with asthma when they were uninsured.  The prescription inhaler and medications were too expensive, so they borrowed an old inhaler from a friend, which didn’t help him breathe any better.  After getting CHIP, they were able to get the proper medication needed for Cooper to be an active, happy child.

Policy Solution

Fund CHIP Building Blocks.  From the standpoint of Utah’s children, state health reforms can be called a success.  Early in Utah’s reform process, lawmaker's made the wise decision to keep CHIP open for children.  As a result, the state has seen a 33% decline in uninsured kids since 2006.  Funding CHIP building blocks will keep state health reform on the path of success.