Take Care Utah —UHPP’S Consumer Health Assistance & Navigation Program
Take Care Utah, a program of the Utah Health Policy Project, the United Way of Salt Lake, and 2-1-1, partners with a variety of organizations in your neighborhood and around the state to help you and your family get and keep affordable health care coverage—and use your benefits wisely.  Learn how to apply for Medicaid or CHIP for your kids or learn about other options for insurance and care.  No matter what you need, Take Care Utah is here to help you take charge of your health. 

What is a consumer health assistance program?

Consumer health assistance programs (CHAPs) help people find affordable insurance (Medicaid, CHIP, or private insurance) and make good use of their benefits.  Many consumer assistance programs are run by community based organizations, others by government agencies or a mix of both.  Programs may provide help with just one type of insurance, like Medicare, while others help with a variety of options, public and private.  Take Care Utah works with community and neighborhood partners to maximize coverage opportunities, as these options come about with full implementation of health reform.  Take Care Utah is designed to help community groups build on their capacity to help individuals enroll in public and private programs; navigate their benefits, and make health reform efforts a part of their community services

Is there a need for this kind of program in Utah?

Yes!  Over 400,000 people in Utah do not have any health insurance.  The Utah Health Policy Project found that a “No Wrong Door” approach to consumer assistance is the best way to help Utah residents get and keep health care coverage. The “No Wrong Door” approach will build on the health care assistance already available in Utah by sharing best practices around the state.
The roll out of both state and federal health reform will create more opportunities for Utahns to get affordable health insurance.

If you have questions or need help applying for Medicaid or CHIP, call Randal at UHPP at 801-433-2299 or send email. Take Care Utah is prepared to grow the network of partnerships already built to ensure community members in Utah are able to access the health care and coverage they need to lead active and healthy lives.

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