Health Care Options

Our main focus at Take Care Utah is to help children and families find health care coverage they can afford so that they can afford to visit the doctor or clinic. has a great tool to help find health care insurance in Utah for:
Pregnant Women
Small Business Owners and Self-Employed
Uninsurable Individuals
Older Adults
People with pre-existing conditions

If you have any questions or need assistance please call Take Care Utah at 801-433-2299.

Direct links to Utah resources:
        Utah Medicaid                                         
        Utah CHIP
        For financial help paying your health insurance premiums – UPP
        Find a dentist
        I need to see a doctor and I don’t have insurance:
        Utah Safety Net
        Free Mobile Clinics

To find mental health providers, please call National Alliance for Mental Illness Utah at
801-323-9900 or visit NAMIUtah.

If you have complaints about your private health insurance, please call Utah’s Office of Consumer Health Assistance at 801-538-3805 or toll free 1-866-350-6242, or visit their website here.

Utah HealthScape is your online guide to navigating and comparing Utah health care providers. also has resources to help you:

  • Learn how to manage your insurance
  • get information on the health care law specific to Utah
  • find links to Prevention and Wellness sites

There are several tools to help you get the prescriptions you need.
Pharmacy Resources:

Smith’s Food and Drug

Community Assistance Program
RxConnect Utah
Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Rx Outreach
Together Rx
Generic drugs are a cost-saving option for your prescriptions. Please ask your doctor and/or pharmacist about generics or read this Consumer Reports article about Generic Drugs.

If you have any questions or need assistance please call Take Care Utah at 801-433-2299.

If you would like more information on health care options, please visit the UHPP webpage on Find Coverage Now.



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