Tools for Partners: Take Care Utah Tool Kit

The Take Care Utah Tool Kit is available for schools, school-based programs, and community-based organizations that want to help kids and families get and keep affordable health insurance.
We are proud to announce that the Take Care Utah Tool Kit is available for schools and community groups that want to build on their ability to help the people in their communities get and keep healthcare coverage. Please note that groups are required to complete training before having full access to the TCU Tool Kit.
The Tool Kit will help these groups to:

  • Help people find out if they are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP: It is always best to apply.
  • Help people choose in the right kind of coverage—Medicaid, CHIP, private insurance, or premium subsidies.
  • Help people use their insurance benefits wisely.

Many children qualify for Medicaid or CHIP but are not yet enrolled. It’s time to turn this around so that when the rest of the family is likely eligible for affordable coverage in 2014, we are ready to help them enroll.

Wait! There’s more!
The Policy Connection
Doing effective enrollment assistance helps us see how these policies are working, or not, in the lives of Utah families.
TCU is gathering feedback from the experiences of Utah families and will take that feedback to the desks of policymakers..

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