About UHPP


Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization advancing sustainable health care solutions for underserved Utahns through better access, education, and public policy.

Since 2006 UHPP has worked hard to develop solutions to create a health system that provides better access to higher quality health care at a lower cost. We pride ourselves on being an open resource for the public, community leaders, the media, businesses, health care providers and policymakers.

Our nonbiased approach strives to find solutions that best fit Utah. We bring individuals and organizations to the same table, recognizing that effective and long-term solutions are fostered by authentic collaboration among disparate stakeholders.  Our role is to ensure the consumer voice is present.

UHPP separates its work into four primary categories:


Utah Health Policy Project envisions a future in which all Utahns have access to high quality and affordable physical, oral and behavioral health care and are equipped to make informed decisions within a system that meets their health care needs in a timely manner.


Utah Health Policy Project
1832 Research Way #60
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
(near Redwood Road)
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Main: 801-433-2299 (Main)
Fax: (801) 433-2298

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