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Utah Health Policy Project
508 East South Temple, Suite 45
Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
(801) 433-2299

Welcome to the Utah Health Policy Project
The Utah Health Policy Project (UHPP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to building lasting solutions to the crisis of the uninsured and rising health care costs.

Guiding Principles for Health Care Reform
The Utah Health Policy Project has developed a set of Guiding Principles to help policymakers and the public evaluate proposals for health reform. We have made every effort to identify principles that achieve our goals of achieving quality, affordable, and sustainable health care coverage for all Utahns. We welcome suggestions for making the Principles more useful as a tool for evaluating reform proposals. more...

Mission create quality, affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for all people in Utah through research, policy development, education, and community engagement activities.
Reform Implementation Station
Outlines federal health reform and how it impacts you. Provides timelines, tools and resources to help Utahns navigate implementation of health reform in our state.

Medicaid Policy Clinic
Provides timely critical analysis of Medicaid and CHIP policies, including the state's controversial waiver proposal.

Reform Initiatives
Assesses the current health care system, specifically the private market, and works on solutions that will expand access, increase quality and contain costs.
Quality/Equality Watch
Dedicated to ensuring that health system reforms result in the elimination of health disparities and improved quality of care for all.
Utah Business Group on Health
Provides its members with credible, concise information, forums for the exchange of ideas, and a strong voice in policy debates around rising health care costs.

In our continuing quest to explain what Medciaid is (and is not), UHPP produced this simple 2-page summary--which includes a timeline.

How did Utah study Medicaid for two years and avoid making a decision?
We explain it all our State of Medicaid: 2014 and Closing the Coverage Gap Timeline
State of Medicaid: 2014 (pdf)
Timeline (pdf)

Which Utah legislative districts contain the most coverage gap residents? You might be surprised...
Data chart (House) (pdf)
Top Ten Districts (pdf)

Almost 40,000 Utahns signed up for insurnace on Read our latest enrollment report here (pdf) (excel) (press release)

How many people are uninsured in your county? This U.S. Census data will tell you (pdf)

Take Care Utah is unveiling our "What's More Risky II" campaign this week. See and share these images on TCU's Facebook page and Twitter feed - or download them below:

127 Hours (jpeg)
Butch Cassidy (jpeg)
Dumb&Dumber (jpeg)
Footloose (jpeg)
High School Musical (jpeg)
Indiana Jones (jpeg)
John Carter (jpeg)
Forrest Gump (jpeg)
The Sandlot (jpeg)
PDF collage (pdf)

"Make It or Break It" is how we describe the Medicaid deadlock at the legislature in UHPP's latest issue of Health Matters newsletter. Read it now (web version)

Which Utah plan closes the coverage gap and spends taxpayer dollars wisely?
Check our updated 1-page comparison of all four plans on the table.
Download it here (pdf)

"3 Ways to Cover a Gap" is the lead article in UHPP's latest issue of Health Matters newsletter. Download it as a (pdf) or read it as a (web version)

Our friends at Voices for Utah Children commissioned this data report on Utah's Medicaid Coverage Gap from Provo-based Notalys (pdf)

"Medicaid Expansion Hits a Snag" is the lead article in UHPP's February 2014 issue of Health Matters newsletter. Download it as a (pdf) or read it as a (web version)

Learn why "Medicaid Expansion Gets Real" in Utah, plus a preview of the "What's More Risky Campaign"--all in the December 2013 issue of Health Matters newsletter is ready to read (pdf) (web version)

2013 Enrollment Update
How many Utahns signed up for ACA insurance in 2013? 18,633 according to this HHS report from January 13, 2013.

Check out Take Care Utah's "What's More Risky" social media campaign to get young adults in Utah to pay attention to health insurnace--and the great deals created by the ACA. Check out each image below:
Climbing | Fan | Fry Sauce | Inversion | Mtn. Biking | Salt Flats | Snowboarding | Flags

The 2014 Legislative starts on January 27, 2014. Here's an updated Legslative Roster.

ACA Enrollment Toolkits:
Enrollment FAQ
How to Sign Up

Need help enrolling in new ACA insurance?
UHPP created this helpful PDF: "Four ACA Enrollment Resources for Utah"

Utah Enrollment Figures through November 13th
[Go to page 10]
CMS/HHS Enrollment data from

Slow Launch or Failed Start? The October 2013 issue of Health Matters is ready to read online.

Nerd Alert!
In September the Utah Dept. of Insurance published a 356-page PDF that lists premium prices for every insurance plan on the Utah marketplace by age and region. It's a fascinating look at what plans will cost in Utah..

Matt Slonker named the new Executive Director of UHPP. Read more here.

To sign up for Health Matters, UHPP's monthly online newsletter, email Jason

Read UHPP's analysis of the latest CMS guidance on navigators on ACA exchange - what it means for Utah..

Check out UHPP's re-launched Facebook and Twitter presence. Like us.

Navigators: Helping Utahns Find the Right Health Insurance (September 11, 2012)

Wellness and Prevention in Medicaid Invest in What's Working: Carrots not Sticks (August 17, 2012)


UHPP Fall Conference
We Have Liftoff – Real-time Data from the Launch of Obamacare
Date: Thursday, December 5, 2013
Time: 8:00am-4:30pm
Location: Red Lion Hotel

Speaker and panel discussions will include:
>>Keynote speaker: Greg Bell (CEO and President, Utah Hospital Association) >> A Critical Look at the Launch of Utah’s Health Insurance Marketplaces
>> Navigators: Early Reports from the Trenches
>> Bumps in the Road: The View from Other States
>> Utah’s Options for Medicaid Expansion
Register here

Medicaid Expansion Community Workgroup
Calendar of meetings (link)

Legislative Interim Schedule (2013)
Download a PDF version of the interim schedule

Key Dates and Meetings:

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013
-Health and Human Services
-Business and Labor

2013 Legislative General Session (ended 3/14/13)
For a list of all 104 legislators, their contact info, and leadership assignments, download UHPP’s 2013 Legislative Roster and Bill Tracker.

Advocates Meetings

Real Exchange Utah (RxUtah)
Information and Agendas here