Medicaid in Utah (2010-2019)

Medicaid is a public health insurance program for low-income people, mainly children and parents, the elderly, and people with disabilities. It is jointly financed by state and federal governments.

Since 2006 UHPP has worked with policymakers, providers, and the community to ensure that low-income Utahns have a voice as Medicaid policy changes.

Medicaid Expansion

Proposition 3 and Partial Expansion


Proposed Medicaid Changes

Utah’s Medicaid “Fallback” Plan

Speak Up Now!


  • Medicaid Expansion: Cost Update (pdf)
  • Talking Points for HB437 Waiver Comments (pdf)
  • Who’s Covered Under HB437? (pdf)
  • Updated Utah Medicaid Expansion Timeline (pdf)
  • HB437 Waiver Implementation Timeline (pdf)
  • Explaining Utah Medicaid Eligibility and Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Pre & Post HB437 (pdf)
  • 2016 Medicaid Expansion Bill Tracker (pdf)
  • Parents and Adults w/o Kids on PCN by Income Provided by UDOH (pdf)
  • Developing Testimony for SSA (pdf)
  • Talking Points for House Estimates of Federal Dollars Coming Back to Utah (pdf)


  • UHPP Utahns in the Gap Storybook (pdf)
  • Common Objections to Utah Medicaid Expansion (pdf)
  • Developing Testimony for Utah Access Plus (pdf)
  • Talking Points for Strong Medicaid Enrollment in States that Closed the Gap (pdf)
  • Milliman Estimates of Utahn’s Who Would Benefit Under Different Expansion Options (pdf, excel)
  • Expanding Utah’s Health Insurance Options: Media Brief (July 2015) (pdf)
  • Expanding Utah’s Health Insurance Options: An Economic Analysis of Benefits, Costs, and Risks (July 2015) (pdf)
  • History of Medicaid expansion in Utah (pdf)
  • Key Principles for the “Committee of Six” (pdf)
  • 5 Reasons to Support the Healthy Utah Plan (pdf)
  • Ways to Pay for Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • What is Utah’s Primary Care Network (PCN)? (pdf)
  • Healthy Utah: Truths and Facts (pdf)
  • Businesses Support Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • Criminal Justice Organizations Support Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • Utah’s Ethnic Communities Would Benefit from Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • Plan Comparison: Healthy Utah (SB164) vs. Utah Cares (HB446) (pdf)
  • Plan Comparison: Healthy Utah (SB164) vs. Frail Utah (SB153) (pdf)
  • State of Medicaid 2015 (pdf)
  • Organizations that Support Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • UHPP’s Analysis of Coverage Gap Plans (pdf)
  • UHPP’s Letter of Support for Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • Governor’s Office Explanation of Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • Governor’s Office Explanation of Healthy Utah 2.0 (pdf)
  • 2015 Rally for Recovery Speaker List (pdf)


  • Melissa’s Story: How Closing the Coverage Gap Helps Working Families (pdf)  (10/21/14)
  • Utah’s Coverage Gap Numbers Explained (pdf) (9/17/14)
  • Measuring the Economic Impact of Healthy Utah (pdf) (8/28/14)
  • The Healthy Utah Poll: Results (pdf); Presentation (pdf); Media briefing (pdf)  (6/17/14)
  • How Many Times has the Utah Legislature Discussed Medicaid Expansion? (pdf) (6/1/14)
  • 66% of Utah’s Coverage Gap Are Working: Report (pdf); Audio (mp3); Press Release (pdf) (5/13/14)
  • What is Utah’s Medicaid Coverage Gap? (pdf)  (5/1/14)
  • State of Medicaid 2014 (pdf) (4/15/14)
  • Which Utah legislative districts contain the most coverage gap residents? (2/15/14
    • Data chart: Senate (pdf)
    • Data chart: House (pdf)
    • Top Ten Districts (pdf)
  • How many people are uninsured in your county? (pdf) (1/22/14)
  • Governor’s Office Explanation of Healthy Utah (pdf)
  • Governor’s Office Explanation of Healthy Utah 2.0 (pdf)




Community Health Workers (CHWs)


  • UHPP/Alliance Community Services/Hispanic Health Care Task Force presentation to Community Health Worker Conference (pdf)
  • CHW Conference Survey Summary (pdf)
  • CHW Coalition Fact Sheet (pdf)
  • Adopted CHW Coalition definition of CHWs in Utah (pdf)


  • SB 85 Community Health Worker Program Handout (pdf)
  • CHWs in Utah Stories of Success (pdf)


ACO/Managed Care


Health Homes


Better Care Conference & Summit

PDFs of PowerPoint Presentations (click to view/download)
Better Care: Maximizing Opportunity in the ACA and Beyond (Renee Markus Hodin)
Better Care at Lower Cost for Medicaid: What Will It Take? (Brent James, MD)
Transforming Health Care In Oregon (David Labby, MD PhD)
The Camden Model An Integrated Community-led Safety-net Accountable Care Organization (Joseph Fleming)
Patient Incentives in Medicaid (Lydia Mitts)


Medicaid Breach


Medicaid Waiver


Behavioral Health

(Mental health and Substance Use Disorders)