Lisa O’Brien

Lisa O'Brien headshot

Lisa O’Brien works as a Financial Programs Analyst within the Federal Sector. Prior to that, she spent close to 20 years in various positions working for the US Postal Service. She is the founder of the Utah COVID-19 Long Haulers group & advocates for those dealing with the long-term effects of COVID-19. Her group serves as a place for other Utahns to find resources for their prolonged COVID recoveries & receive support from other Long Haulers living in our local Utah communities. She graduated from Western Governors University with 2 master’s degrees, one in Accounting and the other in Management & Leadership. She loves to learn any and everything. She is a lover of travel and (when there is not a pandemic) tries to travel once a month, even if it’s just somewhere within Utah. She also loves reading, cooking, hiking, kayaking, & camping and is thankful to live in such a beautiful state like Utah, where she has been able to take advantage of all those great outdoor activities. She has 2 amazing kids, who are young adults and is enjoying watching them forge their own path into adulthood.