Panel #2

Racial Health Disparities, COVID-19, and How Medicaid Can Help 

January 12th | 11:05 AM to 12:05 PM

Panel generously sponsored by AARP Utah

Panel Description:

This hour will be focused on health disparities in the context of the ongoing pandemic as well as the epidemic of racial inequality. Panelists will discuss the issues of racism and racial health disparities, as well as recommendations on how to address gaps in care.

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Dr. Jamila Michener
Dr. Jamila Michener, Cornell University 

SLIDES: Utah Health Policy Project_January 2021 JM

Christina Adeleke
Christina Adeleke, North Carolina AIDS Action Network 


ciriac alvarez valle
Ciriac Alvarez Valle, Voices for Utah Children 


Christine M Espinel
Christine M Espinel, Utah Department of Health Office of Health Disparities