Proposed Medicaid Changes


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What you should know and why your voice matters.

Utah is still not getting the expansion we voted for…

The latest phase of the legislature’s bill rolling back Proposition 3 includes several harmful changes to Medicaid:

  • Create additional work reporting requirements for enrollees
  • Limit the number of people who can enroll in Medicaid
  • Adding additional cost-sharing requirements for enrollees

These changes would lead to CUTS for Utahns’ health care and coverage.

Your Comments Are Needed!

The Utah Department of Health – at the direction of the Governor and Legislature — has officially released a proposal to make these harmful changes to Utah Medicaid.

Comments are the best way to defeat these harmful proposed changes to Utah Medicaid. The federal and state government are required to consider all comments; if they don’t, then the proposal can be overturned through legal action. Comments are the reason Kentucky’s Medicaid proposal was stopped in its tracks.

Further, if we can defeat this phase of the waiver, there is a final phase that is essentially the no-strings-attached FULL Medicaid expansion from Proposition 3. We just have to keep fighting back!

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