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Living without insurance, being under-insured and the consequences to one’s health and/or household.

Medicaid & CHIP Stories 
Issues: timely access to care, the need for services and
Successes: how these programs helped one get back into or to stay within the workforce.

Small Business Stories
Small business owner’s ability to offer insurance.

General Insurance and Quality of Care Stories 
Rising premiums, in-between coverage, denial;
Culturally or linguistically appropriate care (personal, family, client, or institutional).

Tell Your Story… 
We are collecting stories related to any of the following:

  • Medicaid Story (difficulty accessing care, denial of claims, “success story” explaining how Medicaid helped you in the past)
  • Small Business Health Coverage Story (difficulty affording coverage for your workers, rate increases,
  • Quality of Care Story (experience related to quality of care provided at hospitals or through health plan; stories on language access, culturally competent or incompetent care)
  • Uninsured or Under-insured Story (difficulties or success accessing care while uninsured, limitations of coverage or access while insured, etc.)
  • General Stories (related to any experience, negative or positive, with Utah health care systems)


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